Lederbach Golf Course

Boasts breathtaking views of the Bavarian Forest
The Lederbach Golf Course's lovely golf course within sensational Germany.

Lederbach Golf Course in Germany

Steep slopes, magnificent views and long drives into the valley: Lederbach Golf Course, designed by German architect Kurt Rossknecht, is the most extraordinary golf course at the Bad Griesbach Golf Resort. This is due in particular to the almost alpine terrain that you would expect to see in the alpine upland rather than in Lower Bavaria.

The 18 holes with lots of ups and downs lead across distinctive hills, inclines, drawn-out uphills and downhills and extreme height differences, requiring both sportive skills and stamina from the players. But apart from particularly long drives, players are also rewarded with the most breathtaking views the golf resort has to offer: when the weather and visibility are good, you can look all the way across the Bavarian Forest, Bad Griesbach and the Rottal hinterland to the Alps – a fantastic panorama with gentle hills and picturesque shades of green that reveals why Rottal is also referred to as the “Bavarian Tuscany”.

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